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Canadian warship makes massive heroin bust on the high seas
Boarding Party members of Her Majesty s Canadian S Woolrich Parka hip (HMCS) Toronto pack up seized narcotics after searching a suspected woolrich jackets smuggling vessel in the Arabian Sea region on October 05, 2013. The Canadian warship HMCS Toronto, on patrol in the Arabian sea,woolrich arctic parka, made a huge drug bust on Saturday when it stopped a smuggling vessel carrying 180 kilograms of heroin, according to National Defence.The seizure marks the seventh drug bust for HMCS Toronto in its deployment in the Indian Ocean as part of a multinational counter-terrorism effort. A kilogram of heroin has an approximate street value of $80,woolrich jackets,000 to $110,000, according to the RCMP, making the intercepted heroin shipment worth hundreds of millions in lost income for extremist groups.The Sea King Helicopter crew of HMCS Toronto stops a suspected smuggling dhow in the Arabian Sea region on Oct 5,Woolrich Outlet, 2013. (DND) I m extremely proud of the work Toronto s team,woolrich store, and all those on whom we rely for support, have done to achieve this success, said Commander Matthew Bowen,Woolrich Parka, Toronto’s skippe woolrich arctic parka r. A positive outcome like this, seizing and disposing of illegal narcotics whose sale would have funded extremist groups, is a big win for Canada s counter-terror woolrich store ism efforts. The seizure took place about 800 kilometres east of the Horn of Africa.The frigate has made a number of drug seizures while on patrol in the past few months as part of Combined Task Force 150, a maritime co-operation pact that includes over two dozen countries navies patrolling the high seas. Toronto seized 500 kilograms of heroin in March of last year and about 5,950 kilograms of hashish in an operation in M Woolrich Outlet ay. Disposal team members of HMCS Toronto handle narcotics found on a smuggling vessel in the Arabian Sea Region, on Oct. 5, 2013.Google+ Ishmael N. Daro Trends Editor at Canada.com, although I do all my serious writing on instagram captions.

Woolrich Outlet Ottawa has not yet inked a trade pact with any Asian nation. Australia has already successfully negotiated eight of them.While China’s charm offensive in Bali was a remarkable tour de force and Australia’s Abbott and New Zealand’s John Key publicly pushed their trade and investment agendas every day

APEC gathering underscores Pacific Rim’s tectonic economic shift toward China
Matthew FisherPublished: October 10, 2013, 1:05 pm Updated: 2 weeks ago BALI, Indonesia — Viewed from this fabled tropical paradise of dazzling beaches and shimmering rice terraces in the Indonesian archipelago, the so-called Pacific Century is really the Chinese century.As recently as five years ago, the Balinese relied almost entirely on tourists from Australia, Europe and North America. A few Japanese and South Korean travellers washed up here, but visitors from China barely existed.Yet global economic dynamics have been changing so rapidly that one million Chinese tourists are expecte woolrich arctic parka d to swamp Bali in the next few months. The European manager of a five-star beach resort told me that from zero five years ago,Woolrich Outlet, his hotel now received 18 per cent of its customers from China.Because the Chinese share of visitors to his property was expected to more than treble within two years,woolrich arctic parka, he and his entire staff have been taking crash courses in Mandarin. The APEC summit of Pacific Rim leaders that concluded here Tuesday underscored the tectonic economic tilt toward China that is being felt by Bali’s tourism-dependent economy.With U.S. President Barack Obama stuck in Washington impressing nobody in the Orient with his confidence-sapping budget deadlock with Congress, China’s new president, Xi Jinping, reigned supreme in Bali. Other leaders danced around Xi, clamouring to get his attention.Smiling brightly,Woolrich Parka, an economics reporter from Chinese state television CCTV,woolrich jackets, said: “Barack Obama’s not being here was a very big story for us. I think Xi did very well in his absence.”Judging by column inches in Indonesian newspapers and appearances on Indonesian television, the young woman from Chinese television was right. At a rough guess, perhaps 70 per cent of Indonesian media coverage of the 21 Pacific Rim nations that gathered for the APEC summit was focused on China. This says a lot about China’s influence in an organization designed to encourage trade talks and whose member states conduct nearly half of all global trade and do about $12 trillion a year of business with each other.For all that Vladimir Putin has temporarily made Russia something of a world power again with his Syrian manoeuvres, he was a bit player at APEC. But then every leader in Bali must have felt that way except Xi.China, unlike any of the other participants, had its own media centre within APEC’s main media centre, where international as well as Chinese media were welcomed.Senior officials from China provided a blitz of for-the-record briefings that touched on their country’s recent financial hiccups but was mostly about the way forward. On top of that,woolrich store, a special “APEC” edition of the China Daily was printed on the Mainland and flown to Bali overnight to spread the gospel according to Beijing every morning.APEC organizers said they had accredited 275 Chinese journalists. Almost all of them followed Xi’s roadshow from Bali to the Sultanate of Brunei for the more free-wheeling Far East Summit. There, with Obama still a prisoner in the White House, and Canada not having been invited to join that club, the Chinese leader was once more the centre of attention.Although the U.S. still has the world’s largest economy, only a few dozen American journalists were in Bali. Canada’s media turnout was seven print, radio and television reporters. Australia’s new prime minister, Tony Abbott, looked liked the cat who got all the cream after he announced at APEC that Xi had invited him to lead a large trade delegation to China early next year, and that their two countries expected to sign a comprehensive free-trade agreement within 12 months.Stephen Harper made the point here that Australia needs China and Asia far more than Canada does. This was so, he said, because the Canadian economy was far more diversified and as a consequence had more trading partners than Australia had. Nevertheles Woolrich Parka s, like every other major trading nation, Harper has made gaining business in Asia his government’s No. 1 trade priority, with China, in particular, getting a lot of attention. Still, Ottawa has not yet inked a trade pact with any Asian nation. Australia has already successfully negotiated eight of them.While China’s charm offensive in Bali was a remarkable tour de force and Australia’s Abbott and New Zealand’s John Key publicly pushed their trade and investment agendas every day, Canada’s prime minister ke Woolrich Outlet pt his usual low profile and his aides provided no off-the-record briefings as well as meagre details about what their boss had talked about with the other leaders.Harper skirted a question about when he might next be in Asia. However, he did say that he was looking forward to the next APEC summit which, as it turns out, is to be hosted by China’s international star of the moment, Xi Jinping, next fall in Beijing.Related a woolrich jackets rticlesScholars expect potential Ma-Xi meeting by next year (wantchinatimes.com)US and China tussle for trade dominance at APEC (chann woolrich store elnewsasia.com) Postmedia s international affairs columnist is Canada s longest serving foreign correspondent. He has lived abroad for 30 years in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and, most recently, Afghanistan. His… read more work has taken him to 155 countries, all U.S. states, Canadian provinces and territories and the Magnetic North Pole. Professional interests include international relations, security issues, conflict zones and the Arctic. Personal enthusiasms include military histories, historical novels, hockey, baseball, fishing for pickerel and travel by train or ship to anywhere.View author’s profile

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Corporate Canada expected to ramp up spending in 2014
Corporate Canada expected to ramp up spending in2014 Companies sitting on an estimated $5.7 trillion in cash Benjamin Tal,Woolrich Outlet, Economist with CIBC World Markets, poses for a photo in Toronto, Ont. Thursday,woolrich arctic parka, March 18, 2010. Photo: Brett Gundlock/National Post TORONTO — Spending by Corporate Canada is expected to ramp up in 2014 as global economies, particularly the U.S., continue to show signs of improvement, says a report woolrich jackets by CIBC Economics.The study released Monday by economist Benjamin Tal says Canadian companies are holding onto a near-record amount of cash, an estimated $5.7 trillion, yet have been reluc woolrich store tant to invest in capital projects due to economic uncertainty.But as some of the world’s largest economies show clear signs of woolrich arctic parka strength, these firms will be more willing to spend that money in 2014.“Recently,woolrich store, business in Canada has had the ability to step up capital investment but a lack of growth in the domestic and international economies provided little incentive to do so,Woolrich Parka,” wrote Tal, the deputy chief economist at CIBC World Markets.“While it is widely expected that stronger growth in the U.S. next year will have an upside benefit for Canada,woolrich jackets, what might surprise many is how quickly and significantly Corporate Canada will ramp up spending to capitalize on the long awaited rebound in global demand.”He said the bank’s Composite Indicator of Corporate Canada’s Strength is at an all-time high, and nearly a full point above its long-term average. The index uses nine factors to measure Canadian businesses including return-on-equity, business confidence, and cash-to-credit ratios.“Given the highly elevated level of our index, the ability of Canadian corporations to respond to improving U.S. demand has never been better,” said Tal.The bank estimates the U.S. economy will expand by 3.2 per cent next year, more than double the projected pace in 2013. While China is forecast to grow by four per cent, compared w Woolrich Outlet ith three per cent this year.Tal says historically, growth in the U.S. leads to more capital spending in Canada. On average, one per cent of growth south of the border translates into a three per cent change in capital expenditures by Corporate Canada, according to the study.This change could also be seen across a majority of sectors.“In fact, improvement in key measures such as cash position and profit margin in recent years actually appears more impressive when the mighty energy sector is excluded,” he wrote.The study also pointed to a current record-low number of bankruptcies in Canada as another indicator that businesses will be more willing to spend reserve cash. It noted that 3,150 companies declared bankruptcy in the 12-month period ending June 2013, a drop of eight per cent from a year earlier.Despite this, the study says other factors, such as downward trend in profit margins for Canadian businesses, may discourage some. The Canadian Press along with its French-language counte Woolrich Parka rpart, La Presse Canadienne, is a Canadian multimedia news agency.

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Paying full price for Internet, cable and phone? Don’t do that.
4 foolproof tips to big discounts on your cell, cable and Internetbills Are you paying full price for the web,Woolrich Outlet, mobile or TV? Don t! Rob Bruce, Rogers chief of cable, internet and wireless operations, speaks at the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto Monday, June 4, 2012. Photo: Darren Calabrese/National Post Whether it s Internet, cable television or wireless smartphone plans, Canadians almost always have to deal with ridiculously high monthly bills.A recent report released by the CRTC found that Canadians are actually moving up in the world when it comes to Internet speeds and costs. Instead of being the slowest and most expensive,woolrich arctic parka, we re now among the fastest with middle-of-the-road fees. The biggest complaint most Canadians have is our absurdly low data caps (how much we re allowed to download and upload each month).At one point, Netflix s chief content officer,woolrich store, Ted Sarandos, even said: “It’s almost a human rights violation what they’re charging for Internet access in Canada they have almost Third World access to the Internet.”But even that s starting to change. Bell and Rogers are now offering competitively priced unlimited internet plans. Shaw and a few other providers have also jumped on that bandwagon. This is certainly a step in the right direction, especially when it comes to using cord-cutting internet streaming services like Netflix.But when you add cable television bills, cellphone bills and Internet bills together, we could all use some relief. What if you want to pay less? Like, a lot less? Most providers in Canada have a sticker price, but then they also have the special price for people who complain a lot, or threaten to jump ship.That discount is surprisingly easy to get. Here s how you pull it off.Be friendlyCall centre employees are people too. Don t forget that.People often forget that customer service representatives at big telco companies are people, too. They aren t mindless drones or automatically recorded voice messages. They have feelings just like you and me.Calling, explaining your current situation in a calm but firm and friendly tone, will get you much farther than yelling at the top of your lungs like a lunatic. Also, it helps if you try to put yourself in their shoes. Be nice to employees. They look at your history, how lo Woolrich Outlet ng you ve been with the company, said a former Rogers call centre representatives I spoke with.Would you be willing to go out of your way to lower someone s monthly bill if they just spent the last five minutes verbally assaulting you? Probably not.Also,Woolrich Parka, many people might not realize it, but big cellphone and internet providers keep a record of customer interactions. If you ve called and not been very nice in the past, odds are there is a little note on your file and the new representative you re speaking to will be ready for a verbal attack before you ve even explained your situation.Be friendly, be courteous, and discounts are more likely to come your way.Bundle upRogers has a bundle program called Better Choice Bundles. According to the reps that I spoke with, bundles aren t always a scam like many consumers often assume. In the case of Bell and Rogers, bundling two or more services actually lowers the cost of unlimited inte woolrich store rnet from $30 extra per month to only $10. Like, for internet or cable, 25% off for a year or free a PVR HD box That sort of stuff Check out your services and take a look at what bundle options your provider offers. If you have more than one service with a major wireless provider, odds are you should be able to receive some sort of discount.The key is to make sure you mention the word bundle. They re not packages that will be offered out of the blue, you have to ask for it most of the time.See if you can get moreAlways see if you can get a better deal.When you finally get a deal of some sort,woolrich jackets, see if there is a way you can receive an even better discount. Just like in any bargaining situation, customer service representatives, even those in special customer retention departments, often start with an offer that is way below the limit of what they re actually able to hand out.You can also use bundles as bargaining chips in your court. Thinking of bringing your cellphone over from another provider? Discount, please! They can really make it worth your while to switch.A few of the reps I spoke with explained that they ve seen deals, depending on the type of service or package, that offer discounts as high as 50 per cent off for three years. If the rep can t provide a deal that you re satisfied with, ask if you can speak to their supervisor. Supervisors tends to have significantly more power when it comes to adjusting your monthly billing rate.There isn t even a point in trying to get a discount from a customer service representative at an actual storeIf you get this far, be sure to mention specific packages that other providers are offering, making it sound like you re tempted by them. Calling Rogers, for example, you could mention an offer from Bell that you ve been looking at. Some deals are offered only as counter-offers to the competition s marketing moves. You can get some sweet deals just by dropping in those keywords. I ve seen people with 50 per woolrich arctic parka cent off for like three years, explained the Rogers customer service representative I spoke with.But not all reps you speak to on the phone may be as capable of helping. During busy hours, some firms employ third-party companies to help field customer service calls.If you re the unlucky recipient of a third-party custome Woolrich Parka r service rep, then it might be a good idea to just call back later. Third party reps have less power and don t really know what they re doing anyway, our Rogers rep said.Check out the alternativesTeksavvy is a great alternative to big internet providers.In general, if you re a long-time customer, or if your contract is about to end, you ll have more ability to get some sort of deal out of customer service representatives. But if you re at the beginning of a contract and are tied to them, they re less likely to help you out.This is when it might make sense to legitimately check out the competition, and see how they might be willing to attract your business.Most consumers might not realize it, but there are other wireless providers out there that aren t Rogers or Bell. For instance, Teksavvy has actually been offering unlimited internet packages for years now.The increasing popularity of third-party internet providers like Teksavvy , Acanac and Distributel, probably played a large role in Rogers and Bell s decision to start offering reasonable priced unlimited Internet packages.Also, as a side note, according to a former Rogers store employee I spoke with, there isn t even a point in trying to get a discount from a customer service representative at an actual store. They have far less power than call centre customer care employees. As a policy, they re actually told to tell customers seeking discounts to call call their customer care department.So there you have it: Call, bargain, bargain again, and be a lovely courteous human being while you do it.Follow me on Twitter: @Patrick_ORourke.Related articlesUnlimited internet is finally coming to Canada (o.canada.com)Rogers joins Bell and offers unlimited internet plans (o.canada.com)Restrictive Canadian data caps hold Netflix subscribers back (o.canada.com)Internet pricing ruling may mean better options for consumers (cbc.ca) I don’t know how many times I’ve spoken to Rogers and or Bell over the years and got read full comment Christopher King March 22 at 8:52am Cutting thecord LAST UPDATED 6 months ago Cancelling your cable or satel woolrich jackets lite subscription to get your content online is the new hotness. Postmedia’s @thecanadacom technology editor with a passion for video games and technology.

woolrich arctic parka   Choosing the right stemware is just as important as choosing the right wine — or is it

Wine Chat: Which wine glass is best?
What kind of stemware should you use? Ask our wine critics in this week s wine chat. P Woolrich Outlet hoto: Mikael Kjellstrom,woolrich arctic parka, Calgary Herald Your guests are at the table, it s time to pour the wine but are you using the right kind of wine glass?  Choosing the right stemware is just as important as choosing the right wine — or is it? Our wine critics are here with the answers.On our regular panel of wine experts: Gurvinder Bhatia (@EdmontonWineGuy) is the owner of Vinomania,woolrich jackets, a wine consultant t Woolrich Parka o more than 100 hotels and restaurants and an international wine judge and published wine writer. James Nevison (@HADAGLASS) is the co-founder of HALFAGLASS, a boutique wine consultancy in Vancouver,Woolrich Parka, and has co-authored several best-selling books about wine. Michael Godel (@mgodello) is a Toronto-based chef who consults to restaurants and wine collectors and blogs about wine for canada.com,woolrich store, and Rod Phillips (@rodphillipswine) is a professor who teaches about th woolrich jackets e history of food and drink, has written books about wine and re woolrich store gularly contributes to wine magazines in North America and Europe.And today we welcome a special guest: Janet Dorozynski (@WineTrackMind) is a principal critic and partner in WineAlign.com and wine advisor to the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival. By day,Woolrich Outlet, she is the Government of Canada s chief wine guru, responsible for managing an all-Canadian cellar and overseeing a program to assist Canadian embassies to serve and promote Canadian wine, beer and spirits. Janet is an accredited educator with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and is a profess woolrich arctic parka ional affiliate of Brock University s Oenology and Viticulture Institute. She has been tasting, reviewing and judging wine at competitions around the world for more than 15 years.Our wine experts will be standing by to answer your questions and tell you about great wine finds and exceptional deals in our weekly wine chat. Join the discussion, Thursday at 2 p.m. ET.

woolrich jackets and that s all that Hill displayed. Throughout the entire 3 rounds he consistently went with the same game plan.LAS VEGAS

MMA Crossfire –,woolrich jackets; Ultimate Fighter Season 18 Ep 7 thoughts
LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 19: Coach Ronda Rousey stands in the corner of Michael Wooten (not pictured) before his preliminary fight against Josh Hill (not pictured) during filming of season eighteen of The Ultimate Fighter on June 19,woolrich arctic parka, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ( woolrich store Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images) ** Photo: LAS VEGAS,Woolrich Parka, NV – JUNE 19: Coach Ronda Rousey stands in the corner of Michael Wooten (not pictured) before his preliminary fight against Josh Hill (not pictured) during filming of season eighteen of The Ultimate Fighter on June 19,Woolrich Outlet, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images) ** MMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman notes for the matchup of  this week s edition of The Ultimate Fighter that one fighter was able to redeem his poor entry fight while the other still displayed his lack of diversity.We know that Josh Hill and Michael Wooten are the fighters in question.And what s this about a photo stunt pulled by one of the teams?Welcome back to The Crossfire.MMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman breaks it down:THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER SEASON 18: TEAM woolrich jackets  ROUSEY VS TEAM TATE EPISODE 7Wiseman:  The matchup for this episode was Josh Hill and Michael Wootten and I have to say, it wasn t one that I was looking forward t Woolrich Parka o watching. To get into the house Hill merely kept his opponent against the cage while Wootten put on such a boring performance that White couldn t even comment. However, what s a fight without a little drama first. Cue Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.Tate and her team thought it would be hilarious to produce a Rousey/Edmond picture and post the pictures all over the training room. My thoughts immediately went to wondering if they put as much time as needed into preparing their fighters? The pictures were posted everywhere and somehow Dana White found out about this childish stunt and promptly went to the gym to destroy all the pictures,woolrich store, and then left the building. The problem was that he didn t look in the sauna. Anthony found a remaining picture and showed Edmond. While the team was angry they did nothing in return. More fuel for the fire come December 28th.LAS VEGAS, NV JUNE 19: Josh Hill (blue shorts) kicks Michael Wooten (green shorts) in their preliminary fight during filming of season eighteen of The Ultimate Figh Woolrich Outlet ter on June 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)In the fight one fighter was able to redeem his poor entry fight while the other still displayed his lack of diversity. Immediately from the start of the fight Hill went for a takedown, had Wootten pressed against the cage, and that s all that Hill displayed. Throughout the entire 3 rounds he consistently went with the same game plan.LAS VEGAS, NV JUNE 19: Josh Hill (blue shorts) takes down Michael Wooten (green shorts) in their preliminary fight during filming of season eighteen of The Ultimate Fighter on June 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)Wootten was able to get off his back, score takedowns of his own, and both the 2 and 3 rounds were dominated by him. A clear win for Wootten. Hill showed his lack of versatility to get into the house and clearly nothing changed after spending time in Tate s camp. Maybe a little less time printing pictures is needed.LAS VEGAS, NV JUNE 19: Michael Wooten (L) is congratulated Josh Hill after Wooten def woolrich arctic parka eated Hill in their preliminary fight during filming of season eighteen of The Ultimate Fighter on June 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)The next load of fights has both the males and females doing battle. For the women we will see Peggy Morgan vs. Sarah Moras and for the men Anthony Gutierrez vs. Cody Bollinger. Kenai Andrews is an editor and chief blogger for MMA Crossfire, featured exclusively on the Postmedia Network.Contact Kenai at kandrews @postmedia.com

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Financial News,woolrich jackets
Brian Bell, w woolrich store ho used to be vice-president of private insurer Canada Guaranty and now runs his own real estate brokerage,Woolrich Outlet, is calling for a 15% reduction in fees a move he says will provide much… Comments () The Toronto stock market was higher Monday,woolrich arctic parka, building on last week s strong gains while crude oil moved below US$100 for the first time since early July Comments () Alberta moved Friday to deepen trade woolrich arctic parka ties with China as the province inches closer to a deal with British Columbia over the western movement of oil Comments () Canada s annual rate of inflation stalled overall in September,Woolrich Parka, as jumps in shelter and food costs were offset by weaker increases in clothing items and transportation expenses Comments () Bombardier announced Friday that a previously undisclosed conditional customer for its new CSeries Woolrich Parka aircraft is woolrich jackets CDB Leasing Co. Ltd. of China Comments () Analysis: The dark economic clouds over Washington have dissipated for now, but damage caused by the political storm will linger a bit longer certainly in the United States and, to a lesser degree… Comments () Five ways to get into the financial Christmas spirit鈥n OctoberAlmost 65% of Canadians go into holiday shopping season not having Woolrich Outlet saved money for it, a recent TransUnion…more 禄聽Young,woolrich store, educated and making it on less than $35,000Here s a snapshot of some young adults who are trying to live within their means, their various…more 禄聽Why indebted Canadians should be wary of a cashless societyIt hurts to spend cash, and the ease of plastic might be enough to turn even the miserly into big spenders…more 禄聽 Video: How the GE Jenbacher Engine grows tomatoes Ontario鈥檚 Great Northern Hydroponics employs a natural gas engine to heat its greenhouse and generate electricity while using CO2 byproducts for tomato… While Canadians debate the merits and pitfalls of two-tiered health care and proselytize about the need for change before Baby Boomers overwhelms the system, many in the corporate world have long agreed… To describe Canada s healthcare sector as a system is in many respects a misnomer. Many observers contend the industry is run in silos. The most recent snapshot of the country reflects highlights the decline of manufacturing after the recession and the growing dependence on natural resources

woolrich store with the assailant in each case reaching under his victims skirts before being fought off and fleeing. This assault series has become University RCMP Detachment s top priority

17-year-old UBC student sexually assaulted,woolrich store, becomes 6th victi woolrich jackets m in2013 Man tried to drag Woolrich Outlet teen into woods Just after midnight on Saturday, a 17-year-old female student was violently assaulted by a strange man while walking alone on the University of British Columbia campus — the third i Woolrich Parka ncident in as many weeks at the Vancouver school.The UBC campus in Vancouver s Point Grey neighbourhood is nearly 1000 acres in size and known for its dense woods. According to the RCMP, the student was walking on the 2500 block of West Mall when her attacker emerged from the trees and grabbed her hips from behind, then tried to dr woolrich store ag her to a secluded spot in a woo woolrich arctic parka ded area. The man ripped at clothing under his victim s skirt. The unidentified woman struggled against her assailant and was punched in the face before managing to break free and scream for help. This caused the attacker to flee the scene. The student was left with a bruised eye from being hit, requiring minor first aid. The male suspect is described as Caucasian, in his late 20s to early 30s, and about six-foot-two with a thin build. According to the RCMP,woolrich jackets, he may have had an American accent.Two similar attacks were reported in the two previous weeks. In late September,woolrich arctic parka, a hooded man assaulted a 19-year-old woman walking alone on campus, and on Oct. 13,Woolrich Parka, a man accosted a 20-year-old student after emerging from under a stairwell. In both incidents,Woolrich Outlet, the assaults happened after midnight, with the assailant in each case reaching under his victims skirts before being fought off and fleeing. This assault series has become University RCMP Detachment s top priority, said Sgt. Drew Grainger of the RCMP following the latest incident. We are engaged with many partner law enforcement agencies to attempt to identify and apprehend the person or persons responsible for these attacks. In total, there have been six sexual attacks at UBC in 2013, although it is unknown whether the same suspect is responsible for all of them.Google+ Ishmael N. Daro Trends Editor at Canada.com, although I do all my serious writing on instagram captions.

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What you need to know about Twitter’,woolrich arctic parka;s new DM policy
Twitter unsealed the documents Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013,Woolrich Outlet, for its planned initial public offering of stock and says it hopes to raise up to $1 billion. Photo: (AP Photo/dpa, Soeren Stache, File) Twitter is changing the way you receive direct messages. But instead of being terrified,Woolrich Parka, be calm.Twitter,woolrich jackets, for the longest time,woolrich store, only allowed you to send messages to people who followed you. It was a security measure, a way t woolrich arctic parka o cut back on spam and obnoxious messages. I Woolrich Parka f you started getting too many messages from someone, the easy way to Woolrich Outlet stop them from arriving was to unfollow them.But that s changing. Twitter will soon allow users to receive direct messages from anyone who follows them. That immediately raised red flags for many of the Twitter faithful.this new twitter DM thing is a bad idea, or at least badly implemented. Spammers will follow then DM, who would opt in for this? Bill Reiss (@billreiss) October 15, 2013But it s an optional feature. Users will have to go into their settings and click a little box that says Allow direct messages from any follower. The feature is now live for most Twitter users.But the motivation for the move is clear. Twitter has begun sending out emails advocating Twitter for business and has been actively recruiting television producers, celebrities and big business to the platform. This is one more move in that direction.@sladurantaye @HeatherMallick I envision new marketin woolrich store g campaigns, promoting brands, but really promoting twitter: We re Open for Ur DMs ! (@communicable) October 15, 2013Prior to this, brands had to ask users to follow them, then send a DM. Or make sure they were following users so that they could chat about problems outside of the public s view. Now, with a simple click, brands will be open to complaints and concerns from their customers on one of the most popular social networks in the world.Other professionals are pointing out that it could be a good thing for journalists looking to get in touch woolrich jackets with sources.As a reporter who wants to randomly intrude on your life, I encourage all Twitter users to check this box. http://t.co/ui4Pjmim0B Steve Ladurantaye (@sladurantaye) October 15, 2013Privacy advocates are concerned that, while this feature is off by defaut right now, it could be turned on by default in future updates. Some people, though, think the new feature isn t going far enough.I think @Twitter needs multi-user DM capability. It could help us get rid of number-dependancy, which is what I hate about WhatsApp. Ignacio Rodr guez (@micronauta) October 15, 2013The change to Twitter is relatively minor, but is a big push toward integrating itself into the daily lives of its users before the company s initial public offering this winter. More changes in how Twitter handles private messages and public posts should be expected.Google+ William Wolfe-Wylie Twitter LAST UPDATED 6 days ago Life as it is now known in 140 characters or less. Wendy of Calgary takes her Twitter back fromWendy s A typo on a printed flyer for a social media contest from the Wendy s fast food chain in the U.S. motivated a Calgary More How to become a viral video star in 6 seconds orless A Toronto man with a big online following on the mobile microvideo site Vine, says he hopes to convert his six-second videos More

woolrich store You don’t talk about watching American read full comment Ishmael N. Daro December 30 at 10

How a Canadian can get American Netflix
Thousands of Canadians are accessing U.SNetflix How to get your computer to pretend you re in America Canadians love to sneak across the border online to watch U.S. Netflix,woolrich store, the far superior product to the Canadian version. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images More Canadians are pretending to be woolrich arctic parka Americans than ever, but it s only so they can watch better Netflix.Canadians are bypassing Netflix region locks and watching television shows and movies that are supposed to only be available to American Netflix subscribers.RELATED: Why Canadians get less on Netflix: You asked we answerIn order to do this, people are changing their device s IP addresses whether it s their game console, personal computer, phone or tablet by enabling a virtual private network (VPN). Since IP addresses, the electronic code that lets a server know which device on the Internet is which,woolrich jackets, are assigned geographically, giving your device an American IP, through a DNS server, makes Netflix think you re an American, and stream all the extra content your way.When it comes to online streaming services, there is a vast disparity between what s available to Canadians and what is available to Americans. This is mostly due to licensing agreements in the various countries in which Netflix is available. Since these restrictions are regional, companies like Netflix often use IP addresses to block certain pieces of content from certain countries.But because this practice is so widespread, so are the services invented to get around it.Services like Toronto-based Unblock Us have made the process of changing a computer s IP address ridiculously easy,Woolrich Outlet, even for people that aren t that technically inclined. For a relatively low monthly fee ($4.99 a month) and with a few simple button presses, Canadians now have the ability to access a wealth of content that they previously couldn t simply by telling their computer to pretend it s in a different country.For example, popular shows like Sons of Anarchy and the West Wing are only available in the U.S. Also, on March 30th, various Cartoon Network TV shows, will only be available on the U.S. version of Netflix. In contrast, some big-budget Hollywood films are released on Canadian Netflix before its U.S. counterpart. In general, Canada also has more cable shows than the U.S. Other content like Lost and Breaking Bad are available on both versions of the service. So are the most recent hits like the Netflix-produced original show House of Cards.House of Cards is available on both sides of the border, but still the Canadian version of Netflix is the weak sister compared to the U.S. version. (Netflix photo)Using a VPN service opens the flood gates to movies and television shows, and also makes cutting that cable cord a little easier.It s impossible to tell how many people are using this service, since privacy laws and industry standards prevent anyone from releasing their numbers. However, since VPN services usually assign a person an IP address within a certain range, Netflix does theoretically have the ability to tell who is bypassing their region locks.As of yet, there have been no reports of Netflix banning subscribers for using VPN services. But it s important to note that using any kind of VPN service also clearly violates Netflix s terms of service.Unblock Us markets themselves as a service for American expatriates who are dying to access good old American content from their new home. In reality, though, a quick Twitter search shows that it s actually mostly Canadians who are accessing the U.S. Netflix content and not American expats.Remember when you tried to watch a music video on YouTube or a U.S. news website,woolrich arctic parka, but couldn t because of this awesome message, This content is not available in your region ? Well, using a VPN service lets you watch this content too. With a little ingenuity, Canadians can even use American-only services like Spotify and Hulu.If you look hard enough, there are also other much cheaper, and sometimes free, VPN services out there. But Unblock Us has dedicated videos and guides that explain how to set it up on all of its supported platforms.Unblock-US seems to have dropped support for their software application and have gone completely web-based. The best option is to simply just change the DNS settings on your router, giving all of the devices in your home access to U.S. and international cont woolrich store ent. If you re using Unblock-Us,Woolrich Parka, switching between regions is as simple as changing a setting on their website (sometimes it is glitchy though).Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings spoke with National Post Editorial Board members at the paper s head offices in Toronto, Tuesday May 14, 2013.On most platforms, the process is as simple Woolrich Parka as entering a new DNS address in your device of choice, and vis woolrich jackets iting the Unblock Us website for the appropriate instructions. (Of course, if you want to have some extra fun with custom DNS entries, there is that possibility, too.)The flood gates are now opened and you can enjoy American Netflix content.It s difficult to tell how many Canadians are using VPN services but the numbers might be substantial. For example, Unblock Us  Twitter account has over 6,577 followers. Those kinds of numbers don t come up out of the blue. Also, similar paid Canadian VPN services have been popping up over the last few months.According to the CBC, 10 per cent of all Canadians stream content on Netflix. But according to Netflix, the service has just over a million Canadian subscribers. The difference of 2.5 million peopl Woolrich Outlet e could chalked up to almost anything, or a bunch of Canadians pretending to be Americans.In a recent interview with Postmedia, Netflix s CEO, Reed Hastings, stated that the company still has no intentions of releasing regional Netflix subscriber statistics. Hastings also claimed that since Netflix s Canadian launch, Canadian BitTorrent traffic has seen a significant decrease. However, BitTorrent refutes these claims.For the latest, check out our Netflix What s Streaming column to find out what new content has hit the Canadian service. 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